Our Pastors

Troy and Diane Barnes are the founding pastors of Lighthouse, a ministry riveted to the core in Worship, Love and Community in which struggling believers can encounter Christ in a way that is therapeutic, self-evident and restorative.

The New Jersey natives allowed God’s planning and timing to supersede their own when they blindly and wholeheartedly followed His directives and relocated 600 miles away from family and friends to Charlotte, North Carolina.

As the Barnes embarked upon this new journey they began connecting the dots to pursue and perfect their passion for ministry while successfully cultivating invaluable careers in the retail and fashion industry; An unlikely combination, but one that would give them the chance to impact hundreds of lives through their innate gift of pivoting the individual to focus on the inward man in order to begin to build them up from the inside out before ever allowing the pseudo confidence of fashionable garb to continue to cover up what’s been camouflaged for so long.

Their proclamation is that, “Fashion is the tool, but Ministry will always be the Focus.”